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Why Have an Ordinary Birthday Party When you can Have an Extraordinary Birthday Party at Kick'n Karate Kids Birthday Parties?

We specialize in offering amazing parties to kids of just about any age, and we're ready to get the party started whenever you are!

An Experience to Remember

We know that you want to give your child the experience of a lifetime on their special day, so we never cut corners. Our goal is to make your child's party a success from start to finish. From providing delicious food and drinks to offering fun and unique martial arts lessons, Kick'n Karate Kids Birthday Parties is the place to be for parents who want to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment with their child and his or her guests. We start off each party with exciting martial arts instruction, including fun martial arts games, and afterwards, your child and their guests get to indulge in delicious pizza, juice and cake, all while having a blast.

We've Got You Covered

One of the most difficult aspects of a birthday party is the planning. From mailing out invitations to cleaning up afterwards, the fact is, birthday parties can be a hassle. Thankfully, Kick'n Karate Kids Birthday Parties has you covered. In fact, we handle everything for you - from mailing out professional invitations to your party's guests to providing our martial arts experts for fun lessons to cleaning up afterwards, you won't have to do anything but show up and have a great time.

No Ordinary Birthday

Because you choose to hold your child's birthday party at Kick'n Karate Kids Birthday Parties, you can't expect anything average. Here, your child will be able to cut their own birthday cake with an authentic Samurai sword - try getting that at an ordinary party! We also have packages available to allow your child to keep the very same sword they cut their cake with. Imagine the memories you'll create when your child is the star of the show!

We Have the Options You Need

No matter what your party needs are, we have solutions. Contact us today at 425-353-1300 to hear all about our exciting, customizable birthday party options. Whether you have 12 guests or 120 guests, we can work with you to design a party plan that is sure to please. Remember, birthdays only come around once a year, but they create memories that will last forever - your child deserves the best, so give them the best by contacting Kick'n Karate Kids Birthday Parties today!